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Installing Custom Front Doors & Patio Doors Throughout Maryland

Doors are the first impression of your home for visitors, but they aren’t just for decoration; they’re also a form of security and energy efficiency for your home. Potomac View Energy’s custom-made doors will help enhance your home’s appearance, improve security, and help you save energy.

Potomac View Energy offers only superior products backed by expert installation and warranties that competitors can’t match.

Our Door Replacement Options

Working with us, you’ll have various options to upgrade your home with personalized style and secured durability.

We can replace all your home’s exterior doors, including:

We work with high-quality door materials, including:

Steel: Steel replacement doors are strong and durable and come in various sizes. You can choose a steel door with or without windows and customize it with stains and paint colors. Steel doors feature a polyurethane core for increased energy efficiency and sound reduction.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass replacement doors are more resistant to rust and scratches and nearly maintenance-free. Their energy-efficient design is accentuated by authentic wood-grain edges backed by a 10-year warranty on the finish.

ENERGY STAR® doors: ENERGY STAR doors can reduce your energy bills by up to 15%. Enjoy a high-quality, energy-efficient door that will improve your home’s curb appeal.

Are you ready to transform your home with new doors? Contact our door installers at 410-795-3110 to get started. 

Replacing Your Home’s Exterior Doors Has Many Benefits 

Dark wood-grain ENERGY STAR front door outside view with decorative sidelites.When replacing your home’s doors, most people only consider the added curb appeal and style. Those benefits are great, but there are other positive aspects of a door replacement to keep in mind.

New front doors improve your home’s energy efficiency by improving insulation and reducing heat transfer with a lower U-value. Energy-efficient doors also resist radiant heat with a high R-value.

If your new door has a good ENERGY STAR rating, you’ll be eligible for tax incentives while lowering your utility bill and minimizing your carbon footprint.

Contact us today at 410-795-3110 for more about choosing a new door with a high ENERGY STAR rating.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Doors

Older doors can create security issues, increase utility bills, and reduce your curb appeal. Sure signs that it’s time to replace your door include:

  • Stubborn door: Does your door get stuck when opening and closing it? This might mean your door’s shape has warped or small gaps are forming around the frame.
  • Damage or weathered appearance: This is the most obvious sign. You should consider replacing your door if you notice large scratches, chipped paint, cracks, or any other unsightly marks or stains. Your home will also benefit from a fresh, polished look.
  • Moving hinges: If you notice the hinges on your door are loose and can no longer be tightened, you’ll want to get a new door that will stay in place.
  • Non-secure door: As technology evolves, doors have more safety features and are stronger and more durable. If your door only has one basic lock, you’ll want to consider more robust security options.
  • Poor sound insulation: If you live in a noisy neighborhood or area and can easily hear other people and the environment, your front door might be the culprit. A better sound-insulated door can decrease the outdoor noise that enters your home.
  • High HVAC bills: If your bills are increasing, your doors might be to blame. You want doors with good U-value and R-value ratings to better maintain your home’s temperature and help you save energy.

Choose Potomac View Energy for Door Replacement in Maryland

Our customers are always satisfied with our work, and it shows. The communities we serve expand daily, and positive word of mouth about Potomac View Energy continues to grow. Check out our coupons page to catch our latest promotional deals to help you save money.

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