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Basements are the most forgotten rooms in the home, but they deserve your attention. Without care, they can harbor moisture, mold, and the unpleasant scents that come with them. They’re prone to chills, which weaken the power of your household insulation. If you want to achieve the most weather-proof indoor climate possible, your basement insulation needs plenty of TLC. Neglect that, and your utility bills will climb exponentially, so you may be paying more than you could be. Potomac View Energy will bring your electricity bills down and add comfort to those wintry days. We’re Sykesville’s premium insulation specialist, covering the whole of Maryland, from Carroll County all the way to Montgomery County. Call for a free consultation with our experts today at 410-795-3110.

Your Guide to Basement Insulation Materials

At Potomac View Energy, we believe that every client has unique needs, so we offer a wide range of options. Your basement’s moisture level, wall material, and budget will all affect your product choice.

  • Fiberglass insulation: Fiberglass has been the queen of the insulation business for many years for good reason. No insulation material is more popular than this one, and no wonder: It’s a pocket-friendly choice that doesn’t shrink. It can be installed in a range of states, from sealed batts to perforated plastic, and it achieves an R-value of R-11 to R-15. That’s a significant rating.
  • Spray foam insulation: Spray foam is quickly taking the reins from fiberglass due to its superb moisture control and ability to insulate tiny corners. A high R-value does little for your basement if you don’t insulate all its nooks and crannies, but spray foam is up for that task.
  • Foam board insulation: Like spray foam, foam boards offer a high R-value, but without generating toxic fumes. Foam boards are convenient for insulating your basement walls and effective when installed correctly.

Basements are one of the toughest parts of the home to insulate. They have tiny nooks and corners, they’re prone to dampness, and they rarely have much light exposure. Without the air pockets and ventilation that occur in the rest of the house, basements can get muggy, especially in humid regions like Maryland. They require a consummate professional who understands every element of insulation, such as our pros at Potomac View Energy. Reach out today for your consultation.

Basement Insulation Installation

Always keep in mind that insulating a basement differs from insulating any other part of the home. Above-grade walls and attic spaces have air pockets that allow moisture to escape, and you have better ventilation above ground, too. Basement insulation needs precise installation, or else you might end up with a dank, mildewy space.

Here in the relatively humid climate of Maryland and Virginia, we generally recommend spray foam basement insulation. It’s easy to install even if you already have a finished basement, and its performance exceeds the other options.

However, if you’re considering other options like fiberglass batts and foam boards, they may be less costly to install. Potomac View Energy does know how to produce excellent efficiency and moisture control when installing those materials as well.

Call 410-795-3110 or contact us for a free in-home estimate for basement insulation service at your Maryland home.

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