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Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, insulation helps control comfort levels and energy efficiency throughout the home. Preventing mold can be a challenge, but proper installation of the right basement insulation materials can deliver a perfectly dry and pleasant environment. At Potomac View Energy, we can install fiberglass, spray foam, and other types of insulation for basements throughout Maryland and Loudoun County, Virginia.

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Types of Basement Insulation

We can recommend a number of basement insulation options. The decision rests on your budget, moisture levels in your basement, whether there’s existing drywall, and plenty of other factors. Potomac View Energy will help you choose between the three most popular types of basement insulation:

    • Fiberglass: Your standard fiberglass batting makes effective basement insulation. Finished basements require a vapor barrier installed between the fiberglass and the interior walls. In all cases, your installer needs to carefully leave a pocket of air between the fiberglass and the exterior wall.
    • Spray foam: Arguably the best basement insulation under any circumstances, closed-cell foam insulates extremely well while providing better moisture control. Spray foam ensures complete coverage.
    • Foam boards: These function much like the spray foam variety, but in boards adhered to the foundation walls. Foam boards work especially well if you’re insulating a basement that is not yet finished.

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Basement Insulation Installation

Always keep in mind that insulating a basement differs from insulating any other part of the home. Above-grade walls and attic spaces have air pockets that allow moisture to escape, and you have better ventilation above ground, too. Basement insulation needs very precise installation, or else you might end up with a dank, mildewy basement.

Here in the relatively humid climate of Maryland and Virginia, we generally recommend spray foam basement insulation. It’s easy to install even if you already have a finished basement, and its performance exceeds the other options.

Fiberglass batts and foam boards may be less costly to install, and Potomac View Energy does know how to produce excellent efficiency and moisture control when installing those materials.

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