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There’s more to replacing your windows than simply choosing an operating style and window frame material. You must also consider the measurements, styling, performance features, and more. Consider going custom if what you want isn’t available in a standard window.

At Potomac View Energy, we offer custom window installations throughout Maryland. We have offices in Frederick and Sykesville, making it easy to travel throughout Maryland to replace your windows. We work hard to keep our prices low, so you know you’re getting the best value when you choose Potomac View Energy.

How You Can Create Your Own Window Style

When upgrading your home with new custom windows, it’s important to understand your options.

With the help of Potomac View Energy’s varied window offerings, you can combine different styles, shapes, materials, colors, hardware, and panes to create a window that adds to your home’s beauty inside and out, improves its energy efficiency, and maintains security.

We Can Customize Our Window Styles To Fit Your Home

Our windows come in a wide assortment of styles, each with its own utility, efficiency, and aesthetic charms. When it’s time to customize a window for your home, you’ll want to start with a style and go from there, whether you’re maintaining the style of an existing window or going for a complete change.

At Potomac View Energy, we offer various popular window styles, including:

  • Awning windows: Windows that open out from a hinge at the top to create a shape like an awning that keeps rain out.
  • Bay & bow windows: These designs combine multiple windows into an assembly that protrudes out from your home in a box shape or a smooth arc, adding space to your home, and an impressive visual appeal inside and out.
  • Casement windows: These windows open like doors on side hinges, making them simple to use and allowing them to have completely unobscured panes — great for a view and ventilation.
  • Double-hung windows: Similar to traditional vertical-sliding sash windows but designed so both sashes can slide independently. This lets you open the window at the top or bottom.
  • Hopper windows: These open inward from a hinge on the bottom, making them ideal for basements where you might worry about debris coming in otherwise, and easy to open even if higher on the wall.
  • Picture windows: Fixed windows that don’t open can be customized to nearly any shape; combined with other windows, you can get creative.
  • Sliding windows: These windows slide side-to-side like a patio door for convenience and a unique look.

"We decided to go with Potomac View Energy after shopping around several other window replacement companies, and we did not regret it. Not only were Chris and his team highly knowledgeable on all of the window options available they are responsive and come with no pressure sales!"


Select Your Window Material

At Potomac View Energy, we work with the most popular, energy-efficient window materials to best suit the needs of our customers:

Select Your Energy-Efficient Options

Your final decision for a custom window will be energy-efficiency factors. A window with two or three panes of glass separated by gas costs more but offers substantial energy efficiency and comfort improvements.

Low-emissivity or ‘Low-E’ coatings also allow for substantial efficiency improvements.

Call 410-795-3110 today to learn more about your custom window options with Potomac View Energy.

Are Custom Windows Right for You?

Choosing a custom window design could be beneficial if:

  • You have irregularly sized openings: If your current windows aren’t standard, you can have the opening patched or enlarged to accommodate stock window dimensions, or you can order a custom size. Compare the cost difference to help you decide.
  • You want a unique style: Your existing windows may not complement the design of your house. Custom windows let you choose any hardware, finishes, and colors you want to make a powerful statement.
  • You hope to maximize energy efficiency: While many standard windows meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications, they may lack high-end features such as triple-pane glass, gas in-fills, magnetic seals, and more. You may need a custom window installation to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.
  • You’re replacing signature windows: Custom ordering allows you to select the features and measurements you need to replace a treasured bay, bow, or special-shaped window.

Contact an expert at 410-795-3110 about installing custom windows in your Potomac home.

Benefits of Installing Custom Windows Throughout Your Home

When given a choice between custom windows and off-the-shelf versions, here’s why you might want to place a custom order:

  • Increase home value: With custom window sizes and designs to fit your home’s style, you can expect to boost resale value by thousands of dollars.
  • Boost your energy savings: Cheaper windows may be tempting, but custom performance features can pay you back with lower energy bills in the long run.
  • Enjoy gorgeous aesthetics: Custom replacement windows are one of the few home upgrades that beautify your home inside and out.

Contact Potomac View Energy to learn more about the benefits of custom windows.

Things To Consider When Ordering Your New Windows

Before you place your custom window order:

  • Be prepared for a higher investment: Customizations may cost more upfront, but remember that custom windows provide many worthwhile, long-term benefits compared to stock windows.
  • Compare performance options: Some energy-efficient window features are best for northern climates, including Maryland, so work with a professional to ensure you choose the right ones.
  • Ask about the warranty: Most window companies provide the same coverage for custom and stock windows. Double-check this before placing your order.

Schedule Custom Window Installation in Potomac, MD

Choosing gorgeous custom windows can make a huge difference in your home’s comfort, energy costs, and value. The final step is to select a qualified installer to take accurate measurements and install the windows correctly.

With years of experience and a certified installation team to back us up, Potomac View Energy is more than qualified for the job.

We would be happy to review our standard and custom window options so you can make an informed choice for your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Call 410-795-3110 to request a free quote for custom window installation in Hagerstown, Columbia, Rockville, Frederick, or surrounding areas.

"My research paid off with the discovery of Potomac View Energy. They offered the most competitive bid and topped it off with excellent work, installing eight high-quality windows, including a garden window, along with a door and storm door. They helped me achieve my renovation goals and I could not be happier!"

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