Custom Windows in Germantown, MD

Installing new, custom windows in your Germantown home is great for improving the look of your home and increasing your home’s value. Their return on investment and increased insulation and energy efficiency make them one of the most affordable home improvement projects you can do. Custom designs add a level of finesse that standard products cannot manage.

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Benefits of Installing New, Custom Windows

Custom windows perform on seven fronts:

  • Insulation: Triple-pane glass and gas infills help your HVAC unit achieve the perfect temperature without using excessive amounts of power. Insulated frames and ENERGY STAR®-certified features can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, carrying you comfortably from season to season.
  • Noise reduction: Custom windows will reduce your exposure to noise pollution from barking dogs, traffic, noisy neighbors, and more.
  • Low-maintenance features: Modern windows can offer between-the-glass blinds and tilting sashes to improve your view.
  • Curb appeal: Custom windows enhance your architectural features, boosting your home value accordingly.
  • Better comfort: Double- and triple-pane glass with an argon infill reduces thermal resistance and UV transfer, so your home will remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Add a tight seal, and you have a controlled indoor climate that’s remarkably energy-efficient.
  • Security and safety features: Innovative, operable window features can enhance your security through the addition of locks, metal frames, and sensors.
  • Home value: Custom windows can achieve a return on investment of over 73%, so their cost will largely be recouped. Custom windows are a great way to maximize your profits if you’re about to sell your home.

If your home has uncommon architectural features and unusually-sized openings, custom windows allow you to achieve a truly unique style. If your aesthetic dreams come with unusual hardware, palettes, or finishes, custom windows are the perfect way to make your vision a reality.

If you want to take your energy efficiency to an entirely new level, custom windows can offer innovative triple-pane glass, magnetic seals, and coatings. Our special-shaped windows will do more for you than any off-the-shelf alternative.

Germantown Window Options

Custom windows are offered in a variety of unique designs. We’ve made the selection process easy by creating a range of custom options for Germantown residents.

Bow and Bay Windows

rendering of a bow window installation

Bow and bay windows usually include three or more panels placed at an angle or along a curve. The middle panel is designed to offer an unobstructed view. These windows improve spaciousness and natural light while adding the option of a window seat.

Garden Windows

Do you love the idea of an herb or flower garden in your kitchen? Garden windows are the perfect way to introduce one. Ours are built from energy-efficient PVC and insulated glass. They have a wind resistance rating of D-55, so they can withstand gales of up to 180 miles per hour—perfect for those gusty Germantown winters.

Double-Pane Windows

If you want to maximize your energy efficiency, double-pane windows rely on thermally resistant panes and gas infills to reduce temperature transfer. They’ll also lower your utility bills and shrink your carbon footprint.

Triple-Pane Windows

Custom triple-pane windows rely on three panes instead of two, so they outperform their double-pane counterparts.

Insulated Windows

Row of four windows in a home with white walls opening up a sunroom

Say goodbye to drafty windows this year with Potomac View Energy’s custom insulated products.

Vinyl Windows

There’s a reason vinyl windows are so popular. They add to your energy efficiency and insulation. Our custom vinyl products are so well insulated they can chop 15% off your energy bill. Our unique PVC formula is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.


If you’re looking to maximize your energy rebate or improve your energy efficiency, we offer ENERGY STAR-certified products. They carry the correct ratings and achieve the R-value guidelines of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Wood Windows

Wood is still a popular option for windows. Our custom wood windows resist warping and cracks. 

Casement Windows

You can’t replace the charm of casement windows, and we offer a wide range of options.

Sliding Windows

If you have window openings that are horizontally oriented or difficult to reach, a sliding design probably suits your needs best.

Choose Potomac View Energy for Custom Windows

Your windows are some of the most important design features of your home. They add panache to your interior and exterior, inviting natural light indoors while simultaneously boosting your R-value. Custom windows will add to your Germantown home’s value and can even play a role in noise reduction.

Start your home improvement project with new windows from Potomac View Energy! Call 410-795-3110 to learn more.

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