Double-Hung Windows for Maryland Homes

Double-hung windows above a kitchen sink

Double-hung windows are versatile and practical. That’s why they’re the most popular type of windows homeowners choose when replacing and upgrading their windows.

New windows do more than enhance the aesthetics of your home. The right windows can improve air circulation, reduce drafts, and improve energy efficiency.

Potomac View Energy can help you decide if double-hung windows are the right choice for your project and budget.

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What Are Double-Hung Windows?

A row of double-hung windows in a white room with dark floorsDouble-hung windows have two sashes that can both be raised and lowered. Traditionally, sashes are made of wood, but more modern windows use fiberglass, vinyl, and other materials too.

Because both sashes in a double-hung window move, you have more options for raising and lowering your window. This means you can better catch breezes and move air through your home more easily. The warmer air can leave through the top of the window, and the cooler air can flow in through the bottom.

Double-hung windows look like other windows, but on closer inspection, you’ll see a small gap between the sash and the window jamb, the frame of the window. This space is what allows the sash to move freely when you want it to.

Another benefit of double-hung windows is that both sashes tilt inward. By tilting the window into the home, you can easily clean it. You can have sparkling clean windows without dragging out the ladder, climbing on the porch, or trying to scrub with an extension pole. This easy-to-clean feature makes double-hung windows popular for second- and third-story windows.

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Double-Hung Windows vs. Single-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows and single-hung windows appear similar. The difference is that single-hung windows have an unmovable upper sash and a mobile lower sash.

The movable sash in single-hung windows can also tilt inward for cleaning access, but the top sash needs to be cleaned from the outside.

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Signs You Need New Windows

Feeling drafts from your windows is a clear sign you may need replacements. But there are other signs your windows should be replaced:

  • Your windows don’t operate properly.
  • Outside noise is clear when the windows are shut.
  • Moisture collects between the glass panes.
  • Your window frames are rotting or damaged.
  • Your energy bills are increasing.

There are many benefits to upgrading your windows, including:

  • Increased comfort
  • Noise reduction
  • Better durability
  • Improved looks
  • Increased home resale value
  • UV light protection
  • Easier maintenance and upkeep

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Benefits of Choosing Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows give you more ventilation options and are easier to clean. But those aren’t the only benefits:

  • They’re easy to include in additions.
  • Modern double-hung windows lock on both sashes, making them safer.
  • They fit into most home styles and designs.
  • They’re easy to use with window AC units.

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Trust Potomac View Energy for Window Replacement in Maryland

When you’re in the market for new, upgraded windows, choose Potomac View Energy. We make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision for your home. Our window replacement process includes:

  • A free in-home consultation
  • Custom window sizing
  • Window replacement experts
  • Lifetime warranties

Your satisfaction is our goal. But don’t take our word for it! Read our five-star reviews to hear more.

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