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If you want a window that lets you bring the outdoors into your home, you should consider large picture windows. The window experts at Potomac View Energy can help you decide if a picture window is right for you and what other windows might pair well with it in adjoining spaces or throughout your home.

We install only the best, most energy-efficient windows available, and we ensure each window is custom-made to fit your space properly.

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Benefits of Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows that aren’t operable but are instead made of a continuous pane of glass for a beautiful, unobstructed view. This allows maximum natural light into your home and creates a picturesque view of your outdoor spaces.

The unhindered view created by the window also makes the space around the window look grand, open, and more inviting. Since these windows aren’t operable, they’re sealed directly in their frame, eliminating any possible gaps or openings where air can flow. This makes them incredibly energy-efficient.

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Versatility of Picture Windows

Picture windows can be created in countless sizes and shapes to fit any custom window need. They can be included in bay or bow window configurations, or they can be bordered with double-hung or casement windows to allow airflow into the room without losing the benefits of the picture window.

Homeowners can further customize the look of their picture windows by adding grilles, also known as muntins. Picture windows are infinitely customizable to fit your home’s style and needs.

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Choose Potomac View Energy for Your Picture Window Installation

Our team is experienced in safe and efficient window installation throughout the region. As with any window, it’s important to choose a professional installer who understands the proper techniques for measuring, removing, and replacing windows to prevent damage or energy inefficiency in your home.

When you work with us, you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality service and products for a lasting enhancement to your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do picture windows need to be tempered?

Whether a window needs to be made of tempered glass depends on its location and height within the home and its overall size. Our team can help you determine which windows in your home would require tempered glass and which would not.

Are picture windows more expensive?

The price of any window depends on its specific dimensions and specs. However, since picture windows don’t open, they tend to be less expensive to install and need to be replaced less often.

Can picture windows be opened?

No, picture windows cannot be opened. Because they’re non-operable, they’re incredibly energy-efficient and great for allowing natural light into your home. 

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