Home Energy Audits in Maryland

Save Money and the Environment

Want to save money, protect the environment, and qualify for up to $7,500 of energy-saving home improvements… at zero cost to you? If so, a home energy audit in Maryland is the first step to a more energy-efficient home and future savings!

At Potomac View Energy, we offer Maryland home owners comprehensive energy audits that identify problematic areas in your home facilitating energy loss and increased expenses for you. These include:

  • Drafty windows
  • Loosely sealed air ducts
  • Poorly insulated interiors
  • Old HVAC equipment
  • Inefficient water heaters and showerheads
  • And more!
Home Energy Audits

What is an Energy Audit?

A home energy audit from Potomac View Energy will identify exactly where and how your home is wasting energy, costing you hundreds if not thousands over the course of several years.

Our energy auditors are trained using industry-leading technology to find the problematic areas in your home, including blower doors to test the tightness of your home (moisture leaks, uncomfortable drafts, etc.) and infrared cameras to identify hard-to-find air leakage, missing insulation, and more.

As part of your home energy audit, Maryland residents may qualify for 75 percent of the costs – or up to $7,500 – to cover energy-saving home improvements, including:

    • Air sealing
    • Duct sealing
    • Insulation
    • HVAC equipment upgrades

Quick Home Energy Checkups from Potomac Edison

In addition to an in-home energy audit, Potomac View Energy is proud to offer Quick Home Energy Checkups (QHEC) for Potomac Edison customers. Potomac Edison has partnered with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program.

Quick Home Energy Checkups are free!

As part of your Quick Home Energy Checkup, we may install a variety of energy-saving products in your home, such as:

    • Up to 14 LED bulbs
    • Bathroom faucet aerators
    • Kitchen faucet aerators
    • Electric water heater pipe insulation
    • Water-saving showerheads

Customer Testimonial

“Potomac View Energy did a great job. I was very happy with the price and the communication.”