Insulated Windows in Maryland

Custom-Made Windows in Maryland

Have you ever been cozied up on the couch, enjoying a little R&R and felt a draft leaking through your window? If so, you could be losing hundreds of dollars on wasted energy—all because you don’t have insulated windows installed in your Maryland home.

Properly insulated windows make your home more comfortable, especially during the cold winter months Maryland homeowners are used to.

If you’re looking to replace your current windows with insulated windows, contact Potomac View Energy today. We offer lifetime warranties for all of our custom-made windows and manufacture our products right here in Maryland!

Benefits of Insulated Windows

Choosing the right windows has a major impact not only on the aesthetic appearance of your house, but also how much you pay for heating and cooling bills. Installing insulated windows in Maryland could mean saving up to 18 percent on your summer electric bill and up to 24 percent on winter heating costs!

Other benefits of installing insulated windows in Maryland include:

    • Increased energy efficiency – Working to reduce the amount of energy your home consumes all year long, insulated windows prevent cold air from entering your home during the winter and cool air escaping to the outdoors during the summer.
    • Reduced environmental impacts – When you choose to install energy efficient windows, you’re reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. Using less natural gas during the winter to heat your home emits less greenhouse gases into the air.
    • Decreased noise – Outdoor noise, like children playing, nearby traffic, or just the general day-to-day hustle and bustle of your neighborhood can be a real pain when trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet in your home. Because of the extra layers, insulated windows are much thicker than single-pane windows and significantly reduce outdoor noises.

Insulated Window Coatings

Did you know that you can choose to add a coating to your insulated windows? Adding a coating to your replacement windows is very beneficial when wanting to improve the energy efficiency of your Maryland home.

The three major types of insulated window coatings are:

    • Low-E Windows – These windows have a thin coating of metal on the glass that helps to reflect heat from the interior.
    • Low-E2 Windows – These windows are similar to Low-E windows, except they have two layers of metal on the windows. Flakes of silver are added to Low-E2 windows to add an even greater reflective surface.
    • Low-E3 Windows – This window has three layers of metal applied to the window. This window is great in all climates because it offers great performance in colder weather as well as a superior performance in the summer.

Insulated Window Installation Process

Depending on the type of replacement windows you choose and the window type you choose to replace them with, our professional window installers may be able to reuse the existing window frames; other times we recommend that you replace the frame. Either way, you can rest assured knowing your insulated windows are the highest quality replacement windows available.

Customer Testimonial

“The entire company from the owner down to the crew who did the installation were top notch. The crew discovered a lot of rotten wood in the frame work, which they replaced without issue. The enlarged window turned out great, the sliders work great, and all of the windows and exterior framing/wrapping/sealing were done perfectly. I am extremely happy with the work that was done and had a great experience during the whole process. I would recommend Potomac View Energy to anyone looking to have windows or doors replaced.”