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Without a proper installation, your home’s insulation will not perform the way the manufacturers promise. Potomac View Energy is your insulation contractor in Maryland for new and existing homes. We add or replace insulation in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and interior or exterior walls to turn your home into a greener building with better room-to-room comfort.

We offer free estimates for insulation installation, and you’ll get honest, reliable advice from a team of experienced energy experts. With our affordable pricing, Potomac View Energy can create substantial value for our investment when you upgrade your insulation!

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Home Insulation in Maryland

Signs You Need More Insulation

If you felt a draft through a door or window, you’d want to add a new seal. Likewise, your insulation may be leaking your costly conditioned air. Homeowners often don’t realize they need more insulation, though, because it’s out of sight, out of mind. If you have noticed any of the following about your home, you may need more insulation.

  • Suspiciously high utility bills
  • Rooms on the upper floor feel less comfortable
  • Walls and ceilings feel cold in winter
  • Pipes in the attic freeze or leak
  • Moisture problems are damaging the roof
  • Existing insulation is damp or moldy
  • Your home has not been re-insulated in decades

Builders are not required to add the recommended levels of insulation, so there’s a strong chance your home has never had sufficient insulation. The ENERGY STAR® program recommends adding attic insulation with at least R-38 efficiency, or up to R-60 in Maryland homes with uninsulated attics. More wall and basement insulation should also be added to reduce energy bills and prevent cold or hot living areas.

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Insulation Installation in Maryland

Customer Testimonial

“Potomac View Energy did a great job. I was very happy with the price and the communication.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in my home should I insulate?

Your Potomac View Energy professional will be able to tell you where you should install insulation in your home; however, the following areas typically require insulation:

  • Attics
  • Walls
  • Crawl Spaces

What is R-value and what does it mean?

R-value indicates how resistant the insulation material is to thermal transfer. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation is at resisting heat flow.

When should I remove insulation?

Sometimes old insulation can be left in as new layers are added. However, if insulation materials are old or damaged, they should be removed and replaced in their entirety.