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New entry doors deliver both on resale value and aesthetics, so an upgrade is as important to your pocket as it is your architectural vision. Potomac View Energy has created a range of solutions that are as beautiful as they are effective. We’ll enhance your curb appeal, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and give you the kind of product that endures.

Our custom solutions let you choose your palette, size, materials, and finish. You couldn’t ask for more design flexibility. Our doors are built to resist buckling, scratching, and bleaching. They’ll even protect your interior from the bleaching effects of the sun. Let’s find the perfect door for your home.

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Our Custom Made Door Options


Front Entry Doors

Your entryway doors are one of the most important contributors to curb appeal, so make your choice count. Our products are constructed from durable steel and flexible fiberglass. The latter is a superb mimicker, recreating the aesthetic of wood grains beautifully. We include a steel L-frame to act as a powerful barrier against burglars and fire. The result? An ENERGY STAR® rating that’s clad in vinyl-coated aluminum.



Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors make your landscaping a part of your interior, but in the past, they’ve negated R-value while allowing harmful UV rays to destroy your interior. Our sliding glass doors are different. They’re ENERGY STAR® certified and come in two- or three-panel designs that keep ultraviolet rays where they belong: outside. Our zinc-coated rollers provide durable, silent operation, while our stainless-steel locking system keeps you safe.



French Doors

French doors are still some of the most exquisite options on the market. Our products add to your natural lighting while improving your energy efficiency. We use vinyl for its warp and crack resistance. We also offer the option of clear or opaque glass in a range of different pane sizes. Add a double-cylinder deadbolt lock for extra safety, and try our custom window grid selections to make the most of your patio design.



Patio Doors

Our patio doors come in all the pane options and glazes our French doors do. They’re made with our unique PVC formula, giving you R-values of up to R-9 in the finest fusion-welded panels.



Steel Doors

Steel remains one of the strongest and most durable door materials on the market, but we take its durability to new heights. Our corner seals are air-tight enough to address drafts and noise, while our beautiful cladding options add to your architectural beauty. We’ll even throw in a limited lifetime warranty because we believe in our quality.



Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is as beautiful as it is lasting. It comes with all the beauty benefits of wood without its drawbacks, offering five times its R-value.






Your home’s thermal resistance can fall short with just one poorly chosen feature. Continuous insulation relies on the U-value of your entire home. That requires intelligent choices on everything from your door materials to their installation method. If there’s anything Potomac View Energy does best, it’s ENERGY STAR® rated insulation, so our custom door selection will keep you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Your Home. Your Choice

At Potomac View Energy, we believe that your architectural dreams deserve to come true. That’s why we’ve made you the driving force of our range. Our collection will give you the upgrade of your dreams, both on a creative and practical level.

It’s time to create the home of your fantasies, so give us a call at 410-795-3110.

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Home Energy Audit

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