What Are the Most Energy Efficient Doors?

May 25, 2014 By

Is your entry door old fashioned-looking? Is it easy to jimmy the lock? Does the door have poor insulating qualities? Each of these faults are reason enough to consider replacing your entry door. While you’re at it, you might as well choose from the most energy efficient doors available today. The results of your investment are a more stylish home entrance, greater security and built-in energy efficiency.
What separates energy efficient doors different from ordinary doors? Here’s what to look for when completing this home improvement project.

Energy Efficient Door Material

The two most popular types of energy efficient doors include:

  • Fiberglass doors: With the right texture and finish, this material mimics the look of wood without the maintenance issues. Fiberglass is also five times more insulating than wood. Plus, it doesn’t warp, rot, split or crack the way wood can. The material is resistant to rust and scratching, and you can paint it any color you wish.
  • Steel doors: This is the strongest material used for residential entry doors. Steel can also be manufactured to mimic wood while thermal barriers and interior foam provide maximum energy efficiency. The zinc coating allows you to apply paint.

Steel Doors in Maryland


Energy Efficient Door Glass

Windows, sidelights and transoms are popular for letting natural light into the entryway. If you select one or all of these for your front door, you need to decide on the glass. While textured, tempered and obscure glass are all aesthetic options, these differences don’t effect efficiency. It’s the number of panes that make the difference.

  • Double-pane windows: Two panes of glass with an insulating argon layer between the panes provide better insulation than single-pane windows.
  • Triple-pane windows: This option offers yet another layer of glass between the indoors and the outside. The extra investment could certainly be prudent in Maryland’s climate where the winters can get quite cold.

ENERGY STAR Certifications

You can buy with confidence when you select an ENERGY STAR rated entry door. This certification means the door exceeds standards to deliver a higher level of energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR takes a number of factors into consideration when certifying doors, including:

  • Glass: Multiple panes are required.
  • Core materials: Fiberglass and steel with a polyurethane core qualify for the Energy Star label.
  • Proper fit: Magnetic strips create a tighter seal and less air leakage for better energy efficiency.

For more information about choosing energy efficient doors for your Maryland home, contact Potomac View Energy for a free, in-home consultation.