How Can Vinyl Windows Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

November 13, 2013 By

Managing the energy efficiency of your home shouldn’t be difficult. However, every winter, a home with inefficient windows can account for a 10-25 percent increase in your heating bill just by letting excess heat out your windows! That’s money you can easily be saving just seeping out into the world! Fortunately, with Potomac View Energy’s high-quality vinyl windows, we can help you save money today on your next energy bill!

What Type of Vinyl Windows Do I Need to Save On My Energy Bill?

Typically where you lose most of your energy in your windows is not through the glass, but in poor sealing and insulation around the frame. Of course, having non-energy efficient glass inside the windows doesn’t help either. That’s why Potomac View Energy focuses on getting the installation of your windows right the first time. We make sure every window fits perfectly and sits flush and is sealed tight. From there, we install windows with a think 7/8-inch insulated glass with triple-layered weather stripping to make sure your windows have a strong seal to keep your home energy-efficient.

But the seal is only part of the issue—the glass, seal, and frame of the window combined are graded on an R-Value. The higher the R-Value, the more energy-efficient windows are. Potomac View Energy carries windows with an R-Value of 9, which is among the highest available. But anything with an R-Value of 4 or higher will save you money on your heating bill.

While having vinyl windows installed will help improve the energy efficiency of your home, there are tax credits available for homeowners that install vinyl windows. Even if you just install one window in your home, you’re eligible for tax credits on your next return!

Learn More About How To Save On Your Energy Bill

It is Potomac View Energy’s mission to help improve the energy efficiency of your home. Along with our vinyl windows, we offer vinyl siding and high-quality energy-efficient doors to truly transform your home into a money-saving machine. To learn more, contact Potomac View Energy today!