Fiberglass Doors vs. Wood Doors

March 21, 2014 By

No matter how stylish your home’s interior is, your guests still have to enter through your front door to get inside. So the question is–what type of statement does your front door make?

Wood and composite doors generally only last about 15 years, and the stock door that came with your home probably doesn’t meet your standards for energy efficiency, security, and of course, appearance.

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Why Install a Fiberglass Door?

When you’re shopping for a new entry door, don’t overlook the material. Steel, fiberglass, wood, etc.—you’ve got a lot of options, and each has its own benefit. For fiberglass doors, the benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency – With a fiberglass door, you’ll be able to increase your energy savings by keeping drafts, moisture, and dirt out of your home while also keeping your warm or cool air inside.
  • Durability and security – Our fiberglass door frame construction allows for unparalleled strength and security.
  • Low-maintenance care – We use a high-performance, heat-resistant trim warranted not to warp, crack, or pull under any weather conditions.
  • Attractiveness – Many fiberglass doors come with a wood-grain finish. This gives you the classic look of wood without worrying about rotting, splintering, or warping.

Schedule Fiberglass Door Replacement in Maryland

At Potomac View Energy, we proudly serve the central Maryland region, providing singular service that you won’t get from a national chain. Our goal is to provide the best possible price while always giving you a custom, professional fiberglass door installation—all with a warranty that will protect your investment.

In addition to our fiberglass doors, we also offer custom-made steel entry doors in Maryland. During your free in-home consultation, our experts can help you decide which door suits your home’s unique needs as well as your style requirements.

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