Baby It’s Cold Outside

October 13, 2012 By

Fall brings with it not just Halloween, apple cider, and piles of leaves, but also the first chills of the season.  How can you keep your house nice and toasty through fall and into winter?

1.  Make sure all doors and windows are sealed properly.

You’d be surprised how many homeowners don’t bother to seal their windows and doors. Old homes have single-paned glass that lets cold air in and hot air out a lot faster. Seal your windows with sealing tape, or, better yet, invest in ENERGY STAR doors and windows.

2.  Insulate, insulate, insulate.

Making sure your home is properly insulated can save you money and keep you warmer throughout the winter months. Make sure you’ve got at least twelve inches of insulation in your attic, as this is where air tends to escape. Installing insulated vinyl siding is another smart way to make your home more energy-efficient.

3.  Replace air filters.

Air filters can get clogged up and gross. Be sure that all air filters are clean and functioning, and be sure to use a little handheld vacuum while the filter is out so that you can get rid of dust and cobwebs that may have accumulated in or around the filter slot. This to-do will actually reduce the amount of energy necessary for your heater to work, and it’ll also extend its life.

4.  Let the sun shine in!

Leaving blinds and curtains open during the day will soak up the heat from the leverage passive solar power throughout the day and release it at night.

So now that your home will be nice and warm thanks to these tips, you can hibernate all winter long. See you in the spring!