Window Replacement In Sykesville, Maryland

Being named one of the “coolest small towns in America” makes Sykesville, Maryland one of the coziest places to live outside of the Baltimore and Washington DC area.

The Sykesville Historic District showcases the city’s rich history. The city has many beautiful homes that were built over the past 50 years or so, creating a variety of amazing architecture on the landscape.

With houses and buildings that were built in these time periods comes the need to replace windows for better energy efficiency. The solution is new windows with modern technology that are much more energy efficient.

That’s where Potomac View Energy has got you covered. We do custom window replacements in Sykesville, MD for a variety of needs.


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Bow And Bay Window Replacement

bay windows sykesville mdIf you are looking for bow and bay windows for your lovely home, then you have come to the right place. Our windows are custom made, the highest quality, and meet your energy efficiency needs.

The best way to tell the difference between bow and bay windows is to remember that bay windows have sharper angles, while bow windows are curved. Bay windows have a simple but elegant design and usually have a center main window with two side windows. Bow windows are more elaborate and can have three to six windows that are equal in size, providing a nice curved appearance.

Both of these window types are great because they make a room more spacious, allow in more light, make decorating easier, and are easier to open. The downside is that with more area of glass, it creates more opportunity for energy to get in or get out of the house, depending on the season. That’s why it’s important to have new high quality windows installed in your home.

Double-Pane And Triple-Pane Window Replacement

triple pane window sykesville mdWhat’s even better than one sheet of glass between the inside and outside of your home? It’s having two or three sheets of glass, of course! Not only does more layers of glass help the performance of your windows, but also the gas that can be inserted in the window in between layers will greatly cut down those energy bills.

The other amazing feature of these windows is that they do an excellent job of cutting down noise from getting through the windows. So if you want more privacy indoors, or want to keep outdoor noise from getting in, then these windows will make a huge difference.

When choosing to replace your older windows, it’s important to realize that double-pane and triple-pane windows will offer you more energy savings, less noise pollution, UV ray reduction, and many more benefits.

Insulated Window Replacement

insulated windows sykesville mdFor even greater performance, modern technology gives you the option to up the amount of insulation on your new windows.

What the human eye cannot see reveals how these windows work. Basically, a thin layer of metal can be inserted on the windows to help reflect heat and prevent energy from travelling through the window. You can even get different levels of this type of insulation from one layer, two layers, to even three layers for maximum protection.

These windows really make a difference. Tests show that you could save up to 18 percent in summer and 24 percent in winter off of your energy bill after installing them. Talk about the windows paying for themselves!

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