When Do I Need to Replace My Windows?

January 29, 2015 By

Knowing when to replace your windows isn’t as always as clear as knowing when to replace other elements of your home, like gutters or doors. The experts at Potomac View Energy offer some great advice for homeowners considering window replacement, continue reading for more information.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Home improvement isn’t the most exciting way to spend your money, but neglecting your home’s windows can cost you hundreds of dollars each month on your energy bills. Here are a few telltale signs that it may be time to replace your old windows with newer, more energy efficient ones.

Are your windows single or double pane glass? Many older homes still have single pane windows, meaning there is only one layer of glass. These are the least energy efficient windows on the market. The most common windows are double pane, but some homeowners in Maryland opt for the more energy efficient, triple pane windows.

Does your home seem more noisy than usual? If you live in an urban neighborhood, or near a train station or airport, there is no denying your home will be noisier than most. You can reduce outside noise by installing double pane windows. The insulation that these new windows provide help keep outside noise from entering your home.

Do your windows let cold air and drafts? The weather conditions outside your home shouldn’t reflect the comfort inside of your home. If you have draft windows, cold air will leak into your home during the window and hot air during the summer. This increases the amount of energy you use each month to heat and cool your home. You can save money down the road by installing more energy efficient windows.

Do your windows close and lock properly? Window frames can warp over time, making them harder to open and close. Potomac View Energy’s custom vinyl windows won’t warp like wooden window frames. The specially formulated PVC material is scratch, dent, and warp proof. The integral interlock adds security and weatherproofing by keeping windows closed tight.

Are you tired of having to repaint your windows each year? Semi-seasonal paint touch-ups are a total pain. Potomac View Energy’s vinyl windows never need to be repainted! They are built to withstand even the toughest elements!

Vinyl Replacement Windows in Maryland

If you are looking to lower your energy bills, the noise in your home, and the annual maintenance on your current window units, it’s time to choose Potomac View Energy for vinyl window replacement.

Our ENERGY STAR® qualified vinyl replacement windows will save you between 7 – 15 percent on your monthly energy bill, according to energystar.gov. Plus, with the tax credits available for replacing your current windows with our vinyl replacement windows, you’re bound to keep cash in your pocket by upgrading your windows.

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