Waterproofing & Water Damage Repair

Services in Maryland

At Potomac View Energy, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners protect their home against foundation damage from unwanted water entry and flooding. In the event that your home has suffered damage, we offer a variety of waterproofing and foundation repair services designed to fit your needs.

Basement Waterproofing

There’s no job too big or small and our basement waterproofers get the job done right the first time. Utilizing industry-leading systems in the industry, our basement waterproofing services in Maryland include:

    • Exterior excavation
    • Interior subfloor drain
    • Interior baseboard systems
    • Negative-side sealant
    • Sump pump installation – installed at the lowest point in your home’s basement or crawl space, sump pumps use a perimeter drain system to funnel excess water to the sump pump, rid your home of water, and deposit it in the nearest storm drain.

Foundation Repair

If you notice any of the following signs, you may need foundation repair in Maryland:

    • Cracks in interior or exterior walls, or basement floor
    • Stair-step cracks in exterior brick
    • Gaps between walls and floors
    • Windows not opening or closing properly
    • Bowing basement walls
    • Sloping floors

From sinking supports due to inadequate structural design to rooting floor joists, we have you covered!

Water Damage Repair

If your home suffered from water damage, call Potomac View Energy for water damage repair. We most commonly repair and/or replace:

    • Crawl space support jacks
    • Basement and crawl space floors
    • Walls
    • Doors and doorways
    • Brick
    • Dry rot

Customer Testimonials

“Potomac View Energy’s installation team was professional and they completed the job in one day.”

Don Rita