Custom Windows in Ellicott City, MD

Every homeowner has their own vision of the perfect property. Your aesthetic tastes and practical needs deserve a unique perspective, so Potomac View Energy offers exquisite custom windows for discerning buyers.

Windows are more than just a way to invite natural light indoors. Their measurements, style, insulation, and performance features all deserve a little extra attention. If you have precise preferences and grand goals, Potomac View Energy’s custom options are sure to suit you.

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When To Install Custom Windows  in Ellicott City

  • If your architecture is unique enough to require irregular-sized windows, stock dimensions are unlikely to serve you. You can patch up your opening or find a custom product instead.
  • If you have ambitious dreams of a uniquely styled home, standard windows won’t let you choose the punchiest palettes, hardware, or finishes.
  • If you want to maximize your energy efficiency, ordinary ENERGY STAR® windows might not be sufficient. These product lines rarely offer innovative features like gas infills, magnetic seals, or triple-pane glass. Custom windows allow you to achieve the energy efficiency you require without sacrificing other features.
  • If you need to replace signature designs like bay, bow, or special-shape windows, you likely need a customized design.

Our team will help you choose the perfect custom windows for your needs. Call 410-795-3110 to speak to our professionals.

The Benefits of Custom Windows

Custom windows are more than just a pretty façade. They’re an investment that reaps financial rewards, both in terms of your property’s resale price and the reduced energy bills that come with a higher R-value. Custom windows can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value through curb appeal and energy efficiency. They may even come with energy rebates and tax credits.

Standard budget products might be tempting, but you’ll pay for them in the long-term through increased power bills. Triple-pane glass alone can take 3% off your heating bill. In chilly winters like Ellicott City’s, that number only rises.

There’s no way to beat the “wow” factor of beautiful custom windows. They’re one of the best ways to restyle your home’s interior and exterior simultaneously. Choose well, and you can flood your home with refreshing sunlight and add spaciousness to your rooms.

Speak to our experts at 410-795-3110 if you’d like to discuss the benefits of custom windows.

Window Types in Ellicott City

If you’re intimidated by the thought of designing your own custom windows, you can use popular window types as a guide. We offer:

Bow and Bay Windows

rendering of a bow window installation

Bow and bay windows protrude from the exterior of your home in curved or sharp angles. These charming designs act as an exquisite focal point that makes your interior look larger, so they’re perfect for dark, insular spaces.

Garden Windows

If you adore indoor plants, create your own interior garden with custom-made garden windows. They’re insulated, rated for wind resistance, and constructed from chip-resistant PVC.

Double- & Triple-Pane Windows

If you want to max out your R-value, double- or triple-pane windows are the perfect way to do it. They’re glazed to protect against drafts and have a clear gas layer to improve their insulating properties.

Insulated Windows

Row of four windows in a home with white walls opening up a sunroom

Extra insulation from insulated windows can reduce your utility bills and save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Vinyl Windows

This popular material can cut 15% off your utility bill. Our specially made vinyl windows are combined with an integral interlock security feature.


ENERGY STAR products will help you reduce your expenses while improving thermal resistance.

Wood Windows

Achieve that charming rustic aesthetic with our insulated, eco-friendly wood windows. They’re durable and offer 400 times more insulation than steel. They’re also more economical than fiberglass and vinyl.

Casement Windows

If you love the charm of casement windows, our custom products offer an unobstructed view, extra security, and excellent ventilation.

Things To Consider When Ordering Custom Windows

Custom windows require a little extra work, so before you place your order:

  • Expect a slightly higher price. Customizations demand a specialized production process, and that costs money. Remember, though, that your investment will eventually be recouped through a boosted home value and reduced energy bills.
  • Consider the many performance features available to you. You need a different set of energy-efficient features for every climate, so our team will talk to you about the options that will suit your region best.
  • Check your warranty. Stock windows usually come with a prepackaged warranty, but not all window companies add one to their custom products.

Call 410-795-3110 to talk to Potomac View Energy about finding the perfect custom windows for your Ellicott City home.

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