How to Gauge the Energy Efficiency of your Maryland Home

January 10, 2014 By

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is a very popular trend in homeowners. A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders found that one of the most important things to home buyers are energy efficient products.  And it’s easy to see why! Not only are you saving money, but you’re helping out the environment as you do it. But do you know how to measure the energy efficiency of your home? What is even the best way to measure your home’s efficiency?

The best way is to use the Home Energy Yardstick. This tool takes the direct measurable outputs of your home and determines if your home is energy efficient. The Energy Yardstick takes into account your home’s:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Occupancy
  • Energy sources
  • Energy output over the last year

The Energy Yardstick runs these factors through a complex algorithm and ranks your home’s energy efficiency on a scale of 1 to 10. If it falls toward the lower end of the spectrum, you could be costing yourself money!

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Outside of the obvious (cut back on your home’s energy usage) the top suggestion is to install products that are better at conserving power. One of the biggest perpetrators in energy inefficient homes is poorly insulated windows and doors. Since Potomac View Energy specializes in installing ENERGY STAR® products, if you rank on the lower side of the Energy Yardstick, we can help make a difference in your home’s efficiency almost immediately. Our vinyl windows have very high R-Values, meaning they’ll help improve your home’s energy savings.

To learn more about our ENERGY STAR products, contact Potomac View Energy today! We offer free in-home consultations that will demonstrate how our products work and how they can trim costs from your energy bill. Don’t hesitate to start saving today!