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Energy-Saving Double-Pane Windows: Made in Maryland

Are you considering double-pane windows for your Maryland home? Installing these advanced-tech windows is a smart way to decrease your energy use and keep your home warmer during the chilly months.

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How Do Double-Pane Windows Work?

In double- or dual-pane windows, two glass panes, separated by an insulating air pocket (or a layer of gas), are set in the frame. That middle insulated layer, along with optional coated or low-e glass, is what keeps the heat in and the cold out—and vice-versa during the warmer months.

Both double-pane windows and vinyl are low-conduction materials, meaning that they significantly reduce the amount of cold that transfers through them. This combination makes our double-pane, vinyl windows highly efficient!

Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

  • They are energy-efficient. Heat escaping from windows can account for about 10-25 percent of your heating bill. You can significantly decrease the amount of heat leaving your home, and lower your utility bills, by installing double-pane windows.
  • They reduce noise coming into your home.
  • They enhance the comfort of your home. You can sit near your double-pane windows comfortably, even in the winter!

In addition, you can expect to recoup up to 71 percent of the cost of installing vinyl replacement double-pane windows if or when you sell your Maryland home.

Features of Potomac View Energy’s Double-Pane Windows

Our insulated-glass windows, manufactured right here in Maryland, have several features that distinguish them from other brands.

  • Standard 7/8” or ¾” (depending on model) insulated glass unit (IGU) thickness
  • High-performance low-e glass
  • Superior warm edge spacer system option – helps reduce heat transfer by insulating the glass and frame up to 90 percent better than other spacer systems
  • Constant force balance system – keeps window operation smooth and easy
  • Cam-type lock and keeper – provides a weather-tight seal
  • ENERGY-STAR® qualification

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Insulated Windows and Condensation

Worried about condensation fogging up the inside of your double-pane windows? Condensation on insulated windows is usually caused by improper installation and poor quality. At Potomac View Energy, our experienced service techs install our high-performance, well-made windows right. And if there ever is a problem, of any kind, the lifetime warranty on our vinyl windows means we’ll take care of it right away.

How Much Do Double-Pane Windows Cost?

While it’s true that double-pane windows will run you more than standard, single-pane windows, they provide a much higher return on investment (ROI). Most sources estimate that insulated windows pay for themselves via energy bill savings in just a few years. And remember, as we mentioned above, improper installation and poor quality often result in low-performing windows that cause problems—giving you a very low ROI!

When you purchase double-pane windows from Potomac View Energy for your Maryland home, you get high-quality, high-performance, energy-efficient products and professional installation, along with a lifetime warranty.

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