Custom-Made Doors in Baltimore, MD

Steel Doors in Maryland

Do you need to replace your old, drafty door? Potomac View Energy offers high-quality, custom steel entry doors, sliding glass patio doors, and exterior French doors in Baltimore, MD. Our doors are locally manufactured specifically for your home and are energy-efficient to help you save on your home’s energy bill.

We offer free demonstrations and free in-home consultations of our products for your Baltimore home. Contact us today to learn more!

Front Entry Steel Doors For Your Baltimore Home

The entrance of your home makes a lasting impression—and our custom-made steel front entry doors will greet your visitors with elegance and style. Our steel entry doors are sturdy and durable and will provide an attractive, energy-efficient entrance to your home for many years. Plus, our doors are only made from the highest quality materials in our local factories.

Few materials can compete with the structural integrity of steel.  It’s one of the most energy-efficient door materials on the market. Steel doors can retain the indoor temperature so well that their R-value is five times that of wooden products. They can even be filled with insulated foam, decreasing your utility bills while simultaneously enhancing noise reduction. No door material can compete with steel’s weather resistance. It’s also a low-maintenance option that will serve you for many years. Potomac View Energy even offers steel entry doors that can mimic the look of wood and the thermal quality of fiberglass.

Our steel entry doors are among our most popular doors that we install in the Baltimore, MD, area. Some of the benefits of these doors include:

  • The natural strength of steel makes for a more secure and fire-resistant material.
  • When properly installed and maintained, a steel entry door can last for more than 30 years.
  • Steel doors, while being very durable, are easy to repair.
  • Steel doors come equipped with superior polyurethane cores.
  • Full-wood frames are available with PVC vinyl-coated aluminum frame cladding on the outside.
  • Steel L-frame construction offers unparalleled strength and security.
  • High-performance, heat-resistant window trim offers maximum efficiency.
  • A standard 20-gauge security plate adds strength and security.
  • Solid brass, fully adjustable strike plate with an exclusive design makes our doors easier to custom fit.
  • Sahara™ heavy-duty extruded threshold will not warp or rot.
  • Bulb and blade sweep virtually eliminates drafts.
  • Efficient corner seals keep out moisture and dirt.
  • ENERGY STAR® compliance increases your energy savings with steel doors.
  • A lifetime limited transferable warranty protects your investment.

Sliding Doors for Your Baltimore Home

Sliding doors open up your patio to the great outdoors. Their floor-to-ceiling design floods your home with natural light, signifying luxury. One of the biggest benefits of sliding doors is their ability to save space in your home. Since they slide, they don’t require room to open or close, allowing you to place furniture and other home decor near your doors.

Our top-of-the-line signature sliding glass doors combine energy-efficient technology and exceptional durability with sophisticated design. Standard features include:

  • Two three-panel designs for maximum light penetration
  • Master-frame, fusion-welded sash panels with a multi-chambered insulating frame, and weather-stripped interlocks to keep drafts, leaks, and noise from entering your home
  • Steel, zinc-coated, tandem rollers that guarantee years of quiet, smooth operation
  • Head-to-sill stainless multipoint locking system

Along with the basic features of all of our standard sliding glass doors, we offer custom options for enhanced energy efficiency and beauty. With customizable options like our warm edge spacer systems and over 25 colors, you can create a fantastic sliding door for your home.

Custom Exterior French Doors for Your Baltimore Home

If you want to improve the elegance of your patio, deck, or porch entryway, you should consider our custom-made exterior French doors. French doors are every patio’s dream product. Few designs can match their curb appeal. They offer a wide opening without taking up extra space, so if you’re looking for a full-access product, this is the design for you. French doors offer excellent landscaping views and plenty of natural light, so they make your property look large and airy. Our French doors are available in the traditional double-door style or a sliding style. They’re easy to customize, so their versatility is hard to beat. 

Fiberglass Doors for Your Baltimore Home

Fiberglass is the most insulating door material on the market today. It doesn’t warp and rot like wood, and it doesn’t rust and corrode like steel. That’s why its longevity is tough to beat. Modern fabrications have allowed fiberglass to resemble high-end wooden doors, so you needn’t lose touch with your aesthetic standards to benefit from fiberglass. This material can mimic a range of wood grain textures, from cherry to fir. Better yet, fiberglass doors can be custom-made to fit your unique requirements. Add weather stripping and glazing systems, and you have the kind of R-value no other door material can match.

If you’re looking to outfit your Baltimore home with custom doors, contact Potomac View Energy today!