Door Replacement In Frederick, Maryland

Frederick is one of the more well known cities with the second highest population in Maryland. The history of this town is quite remarkable, dating back to 1745.

One famous landmark is the Monocacy Aqueduct with its large granite block canal structure. Another great landmark is the Francis Scott Key Monument, which marks the grave of the author of our National Anthem. The amazing places to see include many lovely homes and buildings from different periods of time.

As those buildings in Frederick, MD need maintenance, Potomac View Energy is here for all of your door replacement needs.


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Steel Door Replacement

steel door frederick mdWhen security and performance are your main goals, then choosing a steel door is the way to go. Our steel doors come in a 20 or 22 gauge steel that has many options for customization.

With their simple yet refined look, you have the option for a solid door or one with a window in it. Furthermore, there are over 15 styles of windows to choose from. The windows are high efficiency glass that can be two or three paned, providing great UV protection. These doors are more fire-resistant as well than other types of doors. With simple maintenance, you can expect your door to last for decades to come.

They are also great when it comes to energy efficiency because they are manufactured with thermal barriers, keeping heat where you want it.

Patio Door Replacement

patio doors frederick mdWhen it’s time to spruce up your patio area, nothing can compare to going with a high quality patio door. Not only do they liven up your patio space, but they also let in comforting amounts of light into that part of your home.

You can choose between traditional swing doors or even doors that slide. The style and class that these doors bring will delight you as you spend quality time in your back yard paradise. The glass comes standard as two-pane, but you if you want additional energy efficiency, you can upgrade to the three-pane option.

With some of the highest thermal resistance and UV resistance in the industry, these doors protect you from both expensive energy bills and unhealthy rays from the sun.

Sliding Door Replacement

sliding glass doors frederick mdIf you want a door that seems nearly invisible, then our sliding doors will not disappoint. It makes it seem like your home merges into the outdoors, except the inside of your home is protected with the glass barrier.

All of that glass won’t drain your pocket from energy bills either. Our sliding doors have super energy efficiency with the latest technology. You also get many options to customize your door with over a dozen unique colors. That way the door will match whatever house decor you already have.

These doors are the best way to open up any space in your home with ease. Not to mention the different options will create the perfect match for your home.

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