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If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, it’s wise to compare the various materials available to help you make the smartest choice for your home. Vinyl and wood are two popular options, so consider the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Vinyl Windows

Good qualities of vinyl windows in Maryland include:

  • Low maintenance requirements: Unlike wood, vinyl windows don’t need to be painted. They are manufactured in a wide variety of colors that you can completely customize for your home. That means there’s also no need to repaint after a season of weathering, a maintenance task that is necessary for wood windows.
  • Durable: Specially formulated PVC vinyl replacement windows are resistant to scratching and denting, which helps your installation last for decades to come. Also, unlike wood, vinyl is rot resistant and able to withstand humid conditions without trouble.
  • Simple installation: Vinyl windows are often pre-fabricated by the manufacturer, which greatly simplifies the installation process. While you rely on a professional installation for your replacement vinyl windows, it’s still worthwhile to know you can count on a simple installation free of complications and setbacks.
  • Energy efficient: Many vinyl windows are ENERGY STAR qualified, meaning they are proven to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Setbacks of vinyl windows include:

  • No control over the color: Of course, the initial color you purchase is fully up to you. However, after decades of sun exposure, vinyl can begin to fade. Since the material is not meant to absorb paint or stain, it’s impossible to reverse the fading process. This also means you can’t change the color of vinyl windows if you eventually decide to redecorate.
  • Thick window frame design: This isn’t a problem for everyone, but if you prefer a thinner window frame, you’ll have to settle for the thicker vinyl design if you choose this material.

Wood Windows

Positive attributes of wood windows include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: The natural look of wood is pleasing to many homeowners. Other materials mimic wood grain to varying levels of effectiveness, but wood is the only material that features this look authentically.
  • Paintable: You can stain or repaint wood window frames in a different color any time you please. When it comes to your redecoration efforts, the sky is the limit because you are not restricted by the current color of your wood windows.
  • Energy efficient: Just like vinyl windows, wood is an insulator and therefore improves home efficiency by helping your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The drawbacks of wood windows include:

  • Higher maintenance requirements: Wood windows don’t last without proper maintenance. To help lengthen their lifespan, you must periodically reseal and repaint the window frames around your home. If you spot any potential problems, you must deal with them quickly to prevent extensive damage.
  • Higher cost: If you want high quality wood windows, expect to pay a premium price. Exotic wood is especially expensive.
  • Durability problems: Wood is an organic material and suffers a few downfalls because of that. For example, termite damage, warping and rotting from excess moisture, cracking after prolonged sun exposure, and other problems can cause a wood window frame to force itself out of position. The repairs needed to fix this problem can be quite costly.

Whether you’re hoping to enjoy durability, save on your energy bills or enjoy the convenience of low maintenance requirements, it’s clear that vinyl windows in Maryland are the better choice. When you’re ready to make the upgrade, please contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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