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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer (Part 2)

This is the second installment of “10 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer”.  You can check out tips one through five here.

6.    Blinds/Sunscreens

In the summer, the sun’s rays penetrate through your windows and heat up your house. The easiest way to minimize that is to keep your blinds closed. You can also use outdoor blinds or shutters to maximize the effect. There are also other alternatives to blinds for blocking the sun, such as sunscreens or reflective materials you can put on the outsides of your windows. These greatly reduce, if not eliminate that oven effect we all dread.

7.      Vinyl Siding

Your siding can be a huge help when it comes to insulation! Consider ENERGY STAR rated vinyl siding. It will help insulate your entire house’s exterior and save you money on your energy bill. Having this beautiful brand new siding will help seal 80 percent of your house’s cold air, saving energy and money on running that air conditioner!

8.      Light Bulbs – The Unexpected Heat Source

Once your home is insulated on the outside, you can reduce the heat sources inside your home. Most people would not expect it but the average light bulb emits an amazing amount of heat! Don’t believe me? At an all-you-can-eat buffet, what is the food kept warm with? Lights. If you need your lights on, especially for businesses, then replace your lights with energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights, or CFLs for short. These will reduce your energy usage, your bill, and most importantly your temperature!

9.      Turn Off Unnecessary Electronics

Electronics are huge heat sources, not to mention energy-suckers. It would behoove you to turn off the unnecessary electronics because if you don’t need them, why use them? If you are downstairs, turn off everything upstairs. Electronics such as laptops, desktop computers, game consoles, and TVs all have cooling systems built in. The fans are constantly running so that this piece of equipment does not overheat and break. Well, these fans are like mini heaters to your house! That heat from the Xbox, TV, or computer has to go somewhere! Turn them off if you aren’t using them.

10.      Fix Any Other Holes You Find

I would suggest grabbing a flashlight and heading to the attic first. Walk around the attic, especially on the edges, and look for holes in the walls and ceilings. Look for holes and any other openings you can find. Do the same in your basement. Whenever you find them, plug them up! Caulking will do the job in most cases.

Hopefully you can use some or all of these ten tips to stay cool this summer!

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