Custom Vinyl Windows in Annapolis, MD

Your windows are essential to your home’s energy efficiency. Outdoor elements can leak into your house through inefficient windows, causing your energy bill to increase.  Don’t settle for drafty windows. Install Potomac View Energy’s custom vinyl replacement windows to raise the energy efficiency of your home, along with improving the curb appeal of your house’s exterior. Our windows are a stylish and functional way to make sure that your home stays cool when you want it cool, and hot when you want it hot.

Our custom-made vinyl replacement windows are specifically made in our Maryland facility to fit in your home, ensuring the highest quality of window replacement available. Call us at 410-795-3110 to learn more about our energy-efficient products or contact Potomac View Energy today for a free in-home consultation.

Why Choose Potomac View Energy for Vinyl Windows in Annapolis?

Vinyl, as a material, is superior to wood and aluminum windows. Although wood is almost as good of an insulator as vinyl, it is far more expensive and difficult to install. Plus, with wood, the maintenance over the years will add up.

Our ENERGY STAR® certified vinyl replacement windows will save you between 7-15 percent of your monthly energy bill, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Plus, with the tax credits available for replacing your current windows to our vinyl replacement windows, you’re bound to keep cash in your pocket by upgrading your windows.

Potomac View Energy was founded with customer satisfaction in mind. Unlike other home improvement companies, our focus is to improve your Annapolis home at a price you can afford. When you choose us to help replace your old windows to new vinyl windows in Annapolis, we’ll assign one person from the beginning through the entire installation process. And if something happens to your windows at any time in the future, you’ll be protected under our lifetime warranty.

Features of Our Vinyl Windows

Our custom vinyl windows include:

  • Durable Welded Sash and frame corners for maximum dependability
  • Special formula PVC that cleans easily, prevents scratching or denting and eliminates the need for painting
  • Easily cleanable tilted sashes
  • Easy, carefree window operation with our Constant Force Balance system
  • Integral interlock adding security and weatherproofing by keeping windows closed tight
  • Insulated frame and sash for maximum efficiency and weatherproofing
  • Triple-layered weather stripping at all sealing locations to decrease air and water infiltration
  • Elegant, sculpted exterior for superior curbside appeal
  • Full 7/8-inch sealed insulated glass unit for increased insulation
  • Integrated sash lock and tilt system for ease of use and improved security
  • Magnetic seal eliminates drafts
  • 180 mph wind load resistant, a DP-55 rating (190 percent stronger than industry minimum)

Confused? Check out our list of important terms you should know when choosing replacement vinyl windows. Along with vinyl replacement windows, Potomac View Energy offers bow and bay windows, and garden windows for your Annapolis home.

Benefits of Custom Vinyl Windows

When given a choice between custom vinyl windows and off-the-shelf versions, here are the reasons you might want to place a custom order for your Annapolis-based home:

  • Increase home value: With custom window sizes and designs to fit your home’s style, you can expect to boost resale value by thousands of dollars.
  • Boost your energy savings: Cheaper windows may be tempting, but custom performance features can pay you back with lower energy bills in the long run.
  • Enjoy gorgeous aesthetics: Custom replacement windows are one of the few home upgrades that beautify your home both inside and out!

To learn more about the benefits of custom windows and the installation process from our Annapolis team, please contact Potomac View Energy.

Contact Us Today for Vinyl Window Installation in Annapolis

Choosing gorgeous custom windows can make a huge difference in your home’s overall comfort, energy costs, and value. The final step is to select a qualified installer to take accurate measurements and install the windows correctly. With years of experience and a certified installation team to back us up, Potomac View Energy is more than qualified for the job! Potomac View Energy offers free in-home consultations for your Annapolis home. With our experienced, dedicated window installation staff, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new windows. Contact Potomac View Energy today!

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